– Customer Stories –

We continually receive great feedback from families that adopt our puppies.

Ralph has grown so much you will definitely be able to tell the difference! He is almost six months now, and he really is like our child!

He spends a lot of time playing with my parents’ Border collies, who let him be the dominant one I think! He loves swimming and chasing his ball! His personality is developing too, he is very cheeky but also a bit of a sook sometimes! The other day we had a play date with Lola another one of your Bordoodles, it was very exciting to see them together.

I want to thank you again for making the whole process of “adopting” Ralph so easy. The communication was great, delivery was reliable and all the information you gave me before and after he arrived was a great help.
I will be in touch with some more photos as Ralph gets bigger!

It is also a possibility that we will be looking for a little brother for Ralph so please let me know when you have any litters next year! I hate him being by himself so much! (Maybe I’m the sook!) I know it will be easier when they have each other to keep them company. Thankyou again and I will send some more photos soon.



Ajji has become a much loved member of our family and hates being left out of anything we are doing. He swims in the pool and plays with the kids endlessly. Sam my eldest is his ultimate play mate and I am the where he goes for being sooked up. He has taken to sleeping at the end of my bed, or if it is hot stretched out on the stone floor like a seal. Christmas day he loved jumping in and out of all the wrapping and checking out what the kids got.

He has never shown any aggression, even when he probably should and is a very outgoing dog with people and other dogs, verrrrryyy laid back and we love him to bits.

Have you had any more litters ??? Everyone who meets Ajji adores him and I could have sold him a million times over, although we never would, he is will us for life and one of the best dogs I have ever had. No one can believe he is not even a year old yet.

Hope you had a great Christmas and New Year.

Louise (Ajji s mum)


We love Pene! The trip back was much easier than I imagined – not one squeak and she slept most the way. The vet visit was a dream – he loved her (she wasn’t so sure about him!) and gave her a glowing report.
It was never in doubt whether the boys would like her – they ADORE her – I don’t think the poor dog has had a chance to use her legs since she has been here as she has been cuddled so much. My mum loves her too – even the cats seem to like her, and she thinks Sam is another toy! We also had friends round yesterday, and I almost felt I was going to have to frisk them as they left, they loved her so much (and she everyone she meets).

She squeaked for about 10mins the 1st night and slept through, and again last night for about 5 mins and slept through – so she is no trouble (except at the moment as she is on my lap and trying to eat the desk) and has even began to realise where the toilet is outside.

Will let you know how she goes, and THANK YOU so much (and Floss too) for such a perfect little friend…



Thought I’d drop a line or two about Lola. What a beautiful smart dog she is. She is great on the lead when we go for our morning walks but we do waste time as so many people stop and want to talk about her. If your getting alot of enquiries about future pups from the Mittagong area it’s because of Lola! In the last week she has been to two primary schools and one pre-school as she has been ‘news’ for my own children and for my two nieces. I went into a bookshop and the lady asked where Lola was. I didn’t know her although I had seen her around at the school. Her daughter had told her all about Lola and she wanted to see this super cute puppy for herself! My husband wants to start charging appearance fees!

Now that she’s had her shots we went to the boys cricket match on Saturday. Well you can imagine the ooohs and ahhhs Lola got when we showed up. Not even when she got over excited with so many kids smothering her did she hurt any of them with rough play. When they left her alone she went to sleep under my chair. Seriously she is a beautiful edition to our family as she makes us all laugh every day ( even if its finding her on the opened dishwasher door licking all the plates!) I’ve hardly cried about my beautiful old dog Sam since we got Lola which is wonderful for us all. Any chance I get I’m showing people her photo. It may also seem that our cat is ok with Lola at long last. Oh how Lola would love to chase him but after one or two scratches she learnt very quick and so now they walk past each other with no trouble.


Mittagong, NSW

Rocco is the most beautiful dog and we couldn’t love him anymore than we do already. He is a total sook, probably my fault, he still likes to lie back in your arms like a baby which he is getting too big for. Every night he tries to sneak into everyone’s bed. Sometimes he gets that luxury when my husband is away. I am so glad we got him when we did as I had to have my 16yr old border collie put down so it made it allot easier for us and my other dog Daisy.

Rocco is the most lovely natured dog, he has never shown any aggression or nervousness, even when he gets mobbed at school pickups, in fact he loves it. My 3 yr old has epilepsy not controlled very well at night and we are finding out some info about trying to train Rocco as an alert dog for her. We will let you know how he goes. Well as you can probably tell he is in a loving home, very happy, if a little spoilt. I still drive my husband crazy telling him what a good dog Rocco is!

Thankyou so much, I have told so many people about you as everyone that meets Rocco adores him. His only crazy thing is that he cannot see dogs on TV as he barks at them and growls, and he watches football.
His favourite spot is on the hill where he can survey the whole property and from behind looks like that cartoon sheepdog Ralph!



Sunny is going really well. He has grown a lot and has a very happy playful personality. I take him down to the beach every day for a walk and he loves it. He is not afraid of the water and really enjoys having a run with other dogs.

He is very clever and has learnt to sit, drop, walk on a lead and come (sometimes). It hasn’t taken him long to know the rules of the house but he is a little cheeky as he tries to sit on the lounge when we are not looking.

We enjoy him and can’t imagine life without him now. So don’t worry he is in good hands and in a loving new family pack. Haha